IS 6.5 DocumentStore issue


we use the WM6.5
i can’t open the IS today,and the server CPU have a high useage.
then i stop the IS,and then delete the DocumentStore,audit/data and WmRepository4,after i startup the IS,there need more than 1 hour to startup,and the cpu with a high useage also ,and the server log has a lot of such error:
Message not found in “com.wm.resources.B2BServMsgBundle”. 0=>>>BasicData:RootContextID=f43057e0909511df805c8f0d596a32ab,
Rpcs=0,Age=229<<< [BAA.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: [BAT.0002.0000]
Wrapped Exception: com.wm.txn.TransactionException: [BAC.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: com.wm.txn.TransactionException: [BAF.0003.0072] BAF.0003.0072
could you help on this issue?

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