IS 6.5/7.1 w. SAP Adapter 6.5 - Java Error in ALE:InboundProcess

Hello to all,

after searching the Forum and google up and down, maybe someone from you can help me :confused: .

I’m just testing a bit the new IS 7.1 (and 6.5) with the Sap Adapter 6.5.
I want to check the Routing possibilities which have changed to the SAP BC 4.7 release.

So I have created a little Service in the Developer which has a XMLstring as Input and should send the Data to with the ALE:InboundProcess in the IS.

The Service uses the following Flows (in that Order)


when Tracing the Service I get in the ALE:InboundProcess the following Error:

An error occurred while tracing.
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com/wm/app/b2b/util/tx/TXJobId

Compaing the Results of the single Steps with the Results of the 4.7 Version looks good (Sames Results).

So anyona any Idea what the 6.5/7.1 will tell me with that Error ?

Thx and Best Regards