IS 46 xCBL 35 mapping problem

I’ve installed the C1 Package, SP1, SP2, fix 22.

I’ve created a doc type for xcbl 3.5 in TN,

and a process rules wich forwards to a custom service called CustomerPurchaseOrder, that contains the following steps :

  1. GetEnveloppeHeader

  2. getDocumentAsRecord :
    -> in this step i map the BoundNode to a node called Order (it is the Order Records from

  3. mapping customerNumber :
    -> in this step i map severals variables from the Order records (init in the previous step)

  4. Save Pipeline

when i look into the pipeline, the order records contains data,
but all variables that was getting data from this records are empty !

just can’t find why !!

someone can help me please ?


If it is a document list from which you are mapping, you have to loop over it and then map the individual fields.
hope this helps.



first i thank you to take time for me .

i got several type of variable,

some are simple String var, other are List of lements, and i use a loop to feed them, but i can’t extract no data, even from a simple String.

For example, I map :

Order > Order Header > Order Party > BilltoParty > Party > PartyID
> Identifier > Ident > T *body ---------> T CustomerNumber

But the CustomerNumber doesn’t appears in the pipeline,

and if i put a trim transformer on the mapping, the CustomerNumber appears in teh pipeline but empty …

do you have another idea ?


Can you tell me the fields in the Order Document as they appear?
can you see the data in the Order doc before mapping them?



If you see the data in this
Order > Order Header > Order Party > BilltoParty > Party > PartyID
> Identifier > Ident > T *body which you are mapping to CustomerNumber are you seeing the source data in *body in the pipeline before mapping to target field.

May be the hierarchy reference is not according to record reference and this causes the fields not map which put empty value.

Please recheck the pipeline you should see some loophole in the mapping path.


I’m currently using the test35.xml file that i found on (but it’s the same behavior with a sample file from a customer)

and i put it on the C1 OnRamp > Test Send/Receive

for example : (i just post the begining of the file )


In my developer console,

I use a record named Order (as specified above), and i map like this :

Order > OrderNumber > BuyerOrderNumber > T *body -----> T buyernumberTmp

but buyernumberTmp is empty :
(here is it extract from my pipeline :



oupss some problem with the display of my previous post !

here an extract of my pipeline
i remove the <and>, to avoid problem in the display as my previous post)

record name=“Order” javaclass=“”
record name=“OrderHeader” javaclass=“”
record name=“OrderNumber” javaclass=“”
record name=“BuyerOrderNumber” javaclass=“”
value name=“*body”>2000014158</value

null name=“asapBuyerNumber”

what is ur service input setto?

When you do the recordToDocument for parsing XCBL are you seeing the Order boundNode(document)( filled with data in the pipeline…

I think the record reference Order document is not properly referrenced with the sample data.

let us know your debugging.


i got :

  • envelope in input of my service.

both the boundnode and the order record (that i init in the step 2 describe in my first post) are filled with the same data.

I don’t really know how to debug this …