IoT Hackathon @ IUG 2024

2nd IoT Hackathon at IUG Conference 2024 in Dublin

After the success of last year’s IoT Hackathon at the IUG 2023, which brought up a lot of fantastic solutions and was quite a fun event, it was not a very tough decision that we will repeat in 2024.

The event will be held during the 2024 edition of IUG in Dublin, Ireland, on April 9th-10th. The exact location is Clayton Hotel Burlington Road.

This is your chance to attend an on-site full-day hackathon where we focus on three different challenges to build amazing stuff in heterogeneous teams. Be assured that our IoT experts, whom you might know from this community, will also be attending to accelerate your success!

There are no participation fees, so register early as the seats are limited!

If you attended last year and have already read enough, don’t hesitate to register yourself before April, 1st: IoT Hackathon

3 IoT Challenges

This year we will have 3 amazing challenges according to our IoT Ecosystem dimensions:

  1. Device Integration

  2. Application Enablement - UI

  3. IoT Solutions

Make sure you register by the 1st of April at the latest. After a review, your registration will be confirmed.

Feedback & Ideas

Please, share your questions, ideas, or feedback related to the event in the blog post below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.