ios App crash when no network


We are calling an IS service to update some data on database from the App. When we turn off the wifi to simulate a network failure on clicking the update button the app just crashes on ios.

However on android the control is transferred to the EVT_TRIGGER_HTTP_FAIL and things are working fine.

We are trying to demo an offline feature wherein if there is no network we are writing it to the Record store.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Sandeep,

Http timeouts on iOS and Android differ, although it is not likely that this is the cause of the problem.

You can launch the app via Xcode and see the stack trace and identify the exact place where this happens.

Can you run the NativeUILocation demo on Andoroid and iOS and see if it crashes too?



Hi Snadeep,

Yes, this is a bug we spotted this week. It will be fixed in the next update (hopefully today or tomorrow).