Error calling webmethods webservice from iOS / Objecitve-C


I am developing webMethods(8.2 sp2) webservice for iPad ( Objective-C ) that my colleague is developing.

The webservice is returning JSON string in the output template. I have no input/output is for the service.
The service is called by link similar to:

This works fine in browser when viewing the source there.

But when my colleague is calling from Objective-C the response from webMethods is:
Your browser does not support frames. Support for frames is required to use the webMethods Integration Server.

Do you see any reason for this?

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Hello Gunnar did you manage to resolve this?
If you didn’t You should post the code used to call the webservice from the mobile device as the problem might be there.
My first guess would be that the client is actually opening a connection to host:port and land to the IS console page, which is a frame-based web page, and then trying to call the SOAPAction through some request property. If this is the case the connection should have the full service endpoint instead.


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We found out what was wrong. Exactly what you hinted Gianluca Saturno. Thank you very much for your reply.
In the Objective-C code when trying to call the service the developer was calling to http://host:5555(which is returning the console page in frames) instead of http://host:5555/invoke/MobileService.webservices.test/TestService?

Case closed.

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