Invoking COM Objects

I am trying to invoke the sample wmVBDemo COM object using early binding.

I have done the following:

  • modified the Demo to have the required function signature
    Public Sub helloWorld(inputs As webMethods.Values)
  • Copied the compiled DLL to the webMethods server and registered it successfully
  • From Developer, created a service and added the invoke flow with the following parameter values
    $progid = "wmVBDemo.Services
    $methodname = “helloWorld”
    $context = “inproc”
  • I have also created the input and output parameters.

When I ran the service, I got the following error message:

Could not run the service ‘invokeCOM’.
win32.COM.WmUnknownException: CoInitialize has not been called.
. Error Code = 800401f0

Any ideas on how to overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance.