invalid session id with IIS


I installed Tamino 3.1.2 and WebDAV server 3.1.4 on a Windows 2K Prof machine running IIS 5.0.

Whenever I PUT files via WebDAV, it would soon give a 500, and the tomcat logs said something about the session with tamino being invalid.

I uninstalled everything, removed IIS, installed Apache, re-installed Tamino etc, and problem was solved.

(Yes, I could probably have switched web servers by making changes to httpd.conf, if Iā€™d had a copy of the necessary configuration handy :wink: )

My question - The Tamino WebDAV documentation contains some tips re Apache settings. Are there any known settings which help IIS to work properly?

A few months ago, I had a problem on a W2K Server SP3 machine with sessions being lost in the system management hub web interface. This problem was also solved by using Apache instead of IIS.

Are there known issues with IIS?