Introducing the Innovation Release

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In 2017 Software AG is introducing the Innovation Release for webMethods, Apama, Terracotta, Universal Messaging, MashZone NextGen and Adabas & Natural (LUW) products. The April release each year will be a so-called Innovation Release, allowing customers who want it to get access to the latest features. The Innovation Release is supported for 12 months, so if you choose to use it, you will have to migrate to the next Standard Release within a year. The October release each year will be a Standard Release, with standard four-year support and the option to extend to a maximum of seven years.

Product Support Lifecycle Standard Release 

Product Support Lifecycle Innovation Release

This gives you a choice:

  1. If you want a proven release with long-term support, you should opt for a Standard Release
  2. If you want to start early development on a new project or upgrade, opt for an Innovation Release for access to new features before the clock starts ticking on the next Standard Release

An Innovation Release is not a Beta release. It is fully tested to Software AG's normal quality standards and is fully supported by Global Support from the day it is released. The only difference with a Standard Release is that new fixes are only produced for the first six months and support ends after 12 months. So if you use an Innovation Release, you will need to migrate to the next Standard Release within the first year to maintain a supported platform. With the new migration tooling now available in Command Central, migrating an in-flight project is a lot easier than it used to be.

To make sure you don't accidentally download and install the Innovation Release without being fully aware of the shorter support cycle, it is not automatically enabled for all customers; you need to explicitly request access if you want to use it. Such a request is free of charge to active customers and partners and does not require any legal paperwork. Just send us an email and we'll enable it for you.

How to request the Innovation Release

The best way to find out about the latest features, check out the Release Notes available at the documentation website, or watch the What's New webinar that is held in April/May.

Wondering if the Innovation Release is right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

To find out more about the Innovation Release, including the email address for requesting access, please read this FAQ or watch this short 9-minute video: