Announcement: Adabas Natural & Application Modernization October 2016 Release

Software AG is pleased to announce the October 2016 release. As usual, it delivers a blend of

  • enhancements specifically requested by you, our customers (e.g. via Brainstorm),
  • general improvements ensuring the products continue to meet your expectations in terms of stability, performance and productivity, and
  • new and extended capabilities allowing you to leverage your Adabas & Natural applications in your transformation into a Digital Enterprise.

Highlights in the Adabas and Natural area include

  • Natural for AJAX: Mobile support with responsive controls
  • NaturalONE: Additional features for DevOps (e.g., team concept support for batch applications)
  • Adabas Manager: GUI wizards for critical administration tasks (e.g., Backup & Restore)
  • Adabas LUW: Enhanced security for Adabas Utilities
  • Adabas Analytics: Collect events in the Adabas kernel and pass them on to Apama for analytics

In addition, you can innovate faster with two new Natural solutions

  • Natural API Management: Leverage webMethods API Management for business services implemented in Natural
  • Natural Business Rule Automation: Extend the usage of core Natural applications to business process management and rule automation

The new releases of EntireX and ApplinX (both included in the webMethods Suite) not only respond to requirements from Adabas Natural customers but also deliver new and enhanced functionality for the growing number of webMethods customers using this technology to integrate their mainframe systems. For example, EntireX provides enhanced support for Cobol and new versions of Cobol compilers.

Find out more about new and enhanced functionality coming with the October 2016 release in the release overview document.

For more details on specific features and a complete list of new, changed and enhanced functionality please refer to Release Notes in the respective product documentation:
a) Empower (requires login to Empower)
b) Tech Community (requires login to TECH community)

Adabas Natural & Application Modernization Product Management team
Software AG