Adabas & Natural October 2019 Release

The October 2019 release features many new innovations to support the Adabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda — to modernize and optimize your high-performing applications. This release also includes new features for CONNX, EntireX and ApplinX to help you unlock your data, reuse existing business logic and create better user experiences.

New innovations include:

  • Extended capabilities for mainframe zIIP offloading to cut costs on high-performing mainframe apps
  • New features to lift and shift Adabas & Natural to the cloud using containers such as Kubernetes® and Docker® for greater flexibility for your future IT landscape
  • Advanced API enablement to expose and consume API REST services quickly and easily
  • Real-time data integration features for actionable intelligence from your business logic
  • Encryption and security enhancements for replication, utilities and administration
  • Enhanced DevOps capabilities for NaturalONE, the Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, that helps you accelerate delivery of high-value apps

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