Adabas & Natural October 2018 Release

Software AG is pleased to announce general availability for the Adabas & Natural October 2018 release – also comprising new releases for EntireX, ApplinX and CONNX.

As one important element of Software AG’s “Adabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda” the new release supports customers in optimizing and modernizing their mission- and business-critical Adabas & Natural applications to fully harness the innovation potential provided by digitalization.

Specifically, this release enables customers to

  • offload almost any Adabas related z/OS workload to zIIP™ as Adabas for zIIP can now also offload load from Adabas Add-ons, such as Adabas Review and Net-Work
  • offload replication workload to zIIP with the new product Adabas Replication for zIIP
  • take advantage of containerized and cloud environments as Docker, CentOS and Microsoft Azure are now officially supported
  • attract new talents and deliver innovation faster by embracing Eclipse-based and DevOps ready NaturalONE, which now becomes the default development environment for Natural, replacing the green-screen Natural Editor on mainframe, Unix and Linux
  • increase the value of core Natural applications by exposing APIs, internally and to business partners, with the new EntireX “one click” REST enablement

Learn more about the highlights of the October 2018 release in the release overview document: