Internal and External FTP issue with FTP proxy server settings


We have 2 FTP processes that we want to build in the Wm platform (6.1).

  1. First is internal FTP process (no FTP proxy required as both the source and target are connected to our prod network)
  2. External - here we are FTP’ing files to an external server. This has to go via the banks FTP proxy Server.

I am use the pub.client.ftp services for both scenarios, however have run into difficulties when setting the proxy ftp server settings from the admin console. Once I have set it up (to cater for external ftps), my internal ftp service attempts to go out via the FTP proxy server also, which a) is not required, and b) means that I have to set up appropriate access to the proxy server for internal ftps, which is against the banks policy.

Does anyone know how I can ensure that internal FTP services do not go via FTP Proxy server, and external FTP services do go via FTP proxy server.

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried proxy bypass?

Tried it and that works. Don’t know how I missed that. Thanks for the prompt reply!