Integration Server product differences

I am looking for a brief, not-too-technical explanation of the differences between webMethods JIS and webMethods Integration Server.

I work in asset management and am trying to answer a coworker’s question.

Thanks in advance for your assistance–

JIS you mean Japanese encoding? can you elaborate bit more on your query pls?

webMethods Integration Server (IS) is a core server component where all the Integration services runs on.

I believe there is no comparison between JIS and wM IS per your query.



Stumbled upon this

where the moderator, spoke about webMethods JIS (formerly known as Jacada Interface Server). The product stands for easy Web and service enablement of legacy applications on Mainframe, AS/400 and Open Systems.

Are you pertaining to the same webMethods JIS? If yes, I think you can get more info from that link.

This might be an old thread but for those interested, just for info.

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