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Can any one tell me what is the difference between IS and BROKER.
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Iam learning webMethods now.Please help me out on this.I know that this is the basic question.Please help me.
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The Integration Server is the platform’s central run-time component and the primary engine for the execution of integration logic. It is the main entry point for the systems and applications that you want to integrate.

The broker package resides on the IS. The Broker is a high-speed message router. It is the primary component of what is generally referred to as the platform’s “message backbone” or “message facility.” Along with supporting features provided by the other components, the Broker facilitates asynchronous, message-based solutions using the publish-and-subscribe model.

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The Broker is “fast” and IS is “versatile.” Broker is written in C++ and IS (and everything else) is written in Java. In 6.0, IS becomes the access layer for the Broker.

If you have access to webMethods documentation, read the Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide located in the \Developer\doc\guides folder of your webMethods installation directory. It provides a good overview of how Integration Server works with Broker.

Books such as Hohpe’s Enterprise Integration Patterns or Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture provide a good academic foundation for understanding how organizations approach solving integration problems.