Integration Sever Vs Enterprise Server


Can someone please help me understand in what situations will the B2B Integration Server be used and in what other situations will the Enterprise Server be used? In what situations will both be required? Can they replace each other if compromises are acceptable?

Using webMethods Enterprise Server, I can create all types of adapters and connect to any interface (socket, CORBA, database), get data (in the form of subscribed events) and send data (in the form of published events). So what integration I cannot do with Enterprise Server that I can using B2B Integration Server?

As far as I know, B2B Integration Server does not have a messaging architecture. Its altogether different in that sense from Enterprise Server. Is this entirely/partially correct?

Is there a Adapter concept in B2B Integration Server also?

Also can the Enterprise Integrator tool used in conjuction with both B2B Integration Server and Enterprise Server? Does it serve as a “link” between B2B Integration Server and Enterprise Server? The GUI of Enterprise Integrator is similar to B2B Developer. Are these two (EI and B2B Developer) substitutes for each other?

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Rahul Mehta

Rahul, this thread may help you understand a little but more about Enterprise Server and Integration Server while we wait for more replies to filter in.


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webMethods B2B Server has been renamed to webMethods Integration Server.

ES and IS are not interchangeable. Development done in one is not easily moved to the other.

IS is much better at working with XML.

IS does not offer messaging. However, it can easily interact with messaging systems, such as MQSeries (now called WebSphere MQ) and Microsoft MQ (MSMQ).

webMethods keeps changing terminology. They seem to be shying away from using the term “adapter” anymore. IS does have an adapter approach similar to ES but unlike ES adapters that run independently of the broker, IS “adapters” run within the IS environment.

Enterprise Integrator (EI) is for ES. The B2B Developer, now referred to as Integrator, is for IS only and is not interchangeable with EI. Business Integrator (BI) is the “link” between ES and IS.

wM is methodically unifying the ES and IS environments. They are not done yet so look for continued changes in the development tools.