Integration server log files are not generated

i have been facing this problem that my IS server Log file is not generating any output for the results for my flow services.

i have also tried pub.flow:debugLog service but in vain, so looking for any help…

please help me
thanks in advance

Aziz siddiqui

by default, flow service won’t auto generate server log entry.
Did you use: pub.flow:debugLog to write to the log.
if not, just try it.

succesfully completed if any one faces the same problem…please go to IS >setting> logging>server logger from logger list >edit server logger>then change the default logging level to Info (if u have selected any other option like Debug or Trace)
thanks i hope this will work…


Your are correct but we use those options only for Debug & Trace because enabling log level will cause extensive increase of server log,which cause unpredtical issue.Few of them are

Increase in usage of disk space
uncessary logging
server performance issues (Some times) and many more

As Tong Wong suggested,use debuglog for better results


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