Integration Server - Global Variable Substiution

How to check the “Perform global variable substitution” in 9.7 across all the flows?
We migrated our code (flows, adapters, docs) from version 8.2 to 9.7 and we are using a global variable for the root path of the file.

Now we will have to manually go into each flow and open the “set value” for the variable and click the check box “Perform global variable substitution” (please see attached screenshot). We were able to replace the static path to variable via script.
is there a way to do it dynamically or through script across all the flows?


Hi Manadar Nimkar,
Best practice for migration is gradual migration .it is important to consider each of the release notes as it would contain the information of deprecation gradually.

For migration, it is best to take note of the migration path you would need to take, which in your case i beleive would be 8.2 → 9.0 → 9.5 -->9.6 → 9.7

As for the recommendation for supported upgrade paths, please refer to the below page to choose the best path that fits your needs:

I hope it will be help full for you.

Muralidhar reddy.

Global variable feature was introduced part of 9.x release, and it was not in 8.x.

When you talk about upgrade, the code as such from 8.x will be migrated to 9.x, and it will work the same as it was before…

Now, you want to use a new feature that is introduced part of 9.x ie., Global variable substitution… This requires some change which needs to be done in the code… Yes, as you did, you have to edit each and every flow service if you want to set a value for a variable, and tick the check box…

Doing it using script, or changing directly flow.xml is not recommended & they are highly prone to errors. Its a change that is expected in a service, and treat that as a code change. This has nothing to do with migration.


Yes I go with Senthil. This should be done manually.

U would also say seek help from SAG global support if they have a better approach rather doing it manually.

A code change is a change! Yes you can check with support, but it is unlikely that they can provide a different way of doing the code change…


Thank you everyone for the prompt replies.
The GCS also mentioned that it needs to be done manually.
I am glad its just one time manual change


Indeed. Thanks for your conclusion. :slight_smile: