Integration on On-premise to cloud integration

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Although this will be a very basic question related to webMethods cloud Integration but still now I am not able to get answer for this.

In webMethods cloud integration platform we can make hybrid integration to integrate some cloud application with on-premise application.

My confussion here is how reverse one is working.Like as for example we have one on-premise application(application A) which get invoked by front end application and send the data to some cloud application(e.g Sales Force).Now we can design this application on webMethods cloud including business logic on cloud service.Here my question is how our application(service A) will get invoked by front-end application.
Then in this case ,is it like the cloud service will be exposed as REST API to front-end application and they will now directly invoke cloud service instead of on-premise one or they will still now call on-premise service (service A) and this service will call cloud application by using internal service.

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Baharul Islam

Is any one able to get some clear understanding on this.

If your application (service A) gets data from your front-end application and uploads the same to salesforce. Then I don’t think you need to go with the route of hybrid integration. You can build all your logic in the webmethods cloud, and expose your service as a REST API for your front-end application.

If your application (service A) deals with few on-premise applications (E.g. Database or ERP) and rest with cloud applications like Sales Force.
In this case, you need to divide the integration logic in two places. The logic, which deals with on-premise application resides in your IntegrationServer(IS) and the rest of the business logic in webmethods integration cloud. The business logic written in your on-premise IS needs to be exposed as an application in webMethods Integration cloud. Your front-end application can call webmethods integration cloud via REST API.

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Thanks Ramu for explanation.

So,if I need to invoke any cloud service then REST call is the only option.

Yes, a cloud service can only be invoked via REST interface.