Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Hi Experts,

I am looking for a solution that has the capability to read emails from an Inbox (or subfolders) of a mailbox, move it to othe sub-folders and also reply as the mailbox. Do we have adapters to perform the same? I am using wM 10.1.

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

You can use IMAP to read, delete emails from an exchange server. There are no adapters for it.

It is not possible to move email from one folder to another folder via IMAP

I echo with Senthil’s responses above.


Thanks Senthil and RMG.

How about using the REST API provided here-

You can raise a SAG brainstorm request to create a connector/adapter that provides features that you are looking for.

Reg, consuming the REST API, you can consume them via client http service or you can create the REST API descriptor (consumer) via the swagger file, if webMethods 10.1 support the REST API descriptors.

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