Integrate databases external in agileapps

Hello everyone, I have a very important question,
How can I integrate an external database into the agileapps platform?

Hi Erick,

There are multiple ways to do this:-

  1. In AgileApps, you can configure an external data source on an object that has exposed web services for external systems to interact with it. Check the sub-sections within any object.
  2. Instead of configuring an external data source, you can also attempt to directly invoke webservices exposed by the data source.
  3. If you have a webMethods IntegrationServer in the mix, then you can use JDBC adapter to connect to the external database and then the IS can expose web services for Agileapps to invoke.
  4. We also have a prototypical solution for using external databases to create the object models in AgileApps and migrate data to it, but that will create a copy of your data in the external database to the AgileApps database as well, which we are not sure whether you would want that.

We are aiming to improve OOTB support from AgileApps for such usecaes by the end of the year.