Installing WM8.2 on Oracle Linux

Hi Guys,

Has any one tried Installing WM8.2 on Oracle Linux?
If yes please do share all possible details and expereince.

I am looking at WM IS , WM TN , MWS and Broker and all in cluster or virtual servers and the OS being Oracle Linux (simple reason it is cheaper than RHL).


I don’t think 8.2 install supports on Oracle Linux OS other than RHEL as per the latest System Requirments doc:



That is true officially they do not support. Yet this installation does work in a stand alone mode so far on 64 bit Oracle Linux box VM box.

We are going to try out Clustering and let me see how does it work.


Great try…keep us posted:

Even though it may work, if you encounter issues and need assistance SAG will likely not help until you’re on a supported platform.

That’s very true statement brought up…It’s at his own risk should deal wit it:

Very true I do not deny though if we already have a older version on supported platform and new one on Oracle Linux and when we slowly move it over and the ROI is great I do not mind taking the risk.

As well WM code always provided alternative coding style so it helps.

OK all at your risk:)

Like to share my experiences in past As Oracle Linux is nothing but Red Hat Linux internally along with Oracle patches to make installation easy for Oracle products …So we tried in past for Lab environment just for our test and we faced issue for for VMs and Broker Clustering …As per system specification it is not officially supported