Installing Natural Debugger on Windows 2003 Standard Edition

I’m installing the Natural Debugger 6.1.1 onto a Windows 2003 server. It seems to install most of the files except the Natural Debugger windows service does not get installed into Windows Services. Also, the natdgbsv.exe does not exist within the installation directory. I also noticed that the install does not ask for the port to communicate on. What am I missing?

Is this an upgrade installation from a previous version ? In that case setup will only install the components previously installed, one has to uninstall and install anew.

Isn’t NAT611 pretty old :?:

Yes, 6.1.1 is old. However, I’m one of the few brave souls using the OpenVMS platform :smiley: . Anyway, I was looking for a way to install the debugger in the server version of Windows. It works fine when installing into Windows XP. The server install does not install the service nor is the natdbgsv.exe executable installed.