How to setup/install/configure the debugger under Linux with Natural Development Server


While following the Natural for Unix documentation#Debugger topic, and then setup the parameters RDNODE, RDPORT and RDACTIVE using natparm to the documented values

RDPORT : 2600
RDNODE : mynode

the natparm tool is not taking into account the RDNODE setup, i.e, leaving the Configure Debugger pop up and returning into it again to chekc the values set, the RDNODE is back to a full serie of space.

Any idea why the RDNODE cannot be set??

By the way, the Debugger topic documentation is talking about remote debugging Natural session on Windows toward a Natural Development Server, while I am using a direct terminal emulated Natural session on the Linux box. Is this the proper way to setup a local debugger because it seems that there is no way to get a local debugging session but always a remote one.

Any help in the setup/instal/configuration would be appreciated.

Another info

When not using the remote debugger, running the following command


produces the following error

HELLO 0000 NAT1907 Establishing a local debugging session failed

If RDNODE can’t be set … create a support incident, that ain’t right, and it works ok for me
on NAT 6.3.9, what version are you using ?

And no, there is no “local debugging” on Linux, you always need to point RDNODE/RDPORT to
a Windows instance with the Natural remote debugger installed & active.

Hi Wolgang

I do not understand… in your last answer, you are refering to a Window as

“you always need to point RDNODE/RDPORT to Windows instance with the Natural remote debugger installed & active”

The installation I am working on is Linux based only. There is no Windows instance at all. The Natural Development Server is running on a Linux box with a natparm as NDVPARM, and I start a Natural session under the same Linux box with a login shell by

$>natural natparm=NDVPARM

Is this correct or not in order to use the debugger??

As per the documentation   here

The only way you would be able to debug Natural on Unix without Natural on Windows (aka Natural Studio)
would be through NaturalONE which can execute on Linux as well (as it’s Eclipse based);