Installing community edition on Win - Error


I am trying to install the Community edition (CITv23ncu) in MS windows (XP-Home), and getting the following error: “Warning - some files are marked for renaming or deletion at the next restart of your computer. Since deleting files after restarting the computer can influence this installation (Huh?), Setup will stop now! Please start Application Designer V 2.3.0 Setup again after you have restarted your computer”, and the installation ends. Restarting the computer does not help, getting same error.

Any fixes?


This sounds familiar. The problem is probably the registry-entry:
Do a search for this key using regedit and delete it ! This is how u do it.
Start------>Run---->“Regedit”. Do a Find on------>
“PendingFileRenameOperations” and delete the sucker.