Installer 8 license file

Trying to install the products via Installer 8, and its insisting on a license “File” for Integration Server.

We used to have a license “Key” which we use on the older installer versions, but the new one will only accept a file.

Tried creating a text file and pasting our key into it but does not work. Any one got any ideas?

There does not seem to be any documentation on Installer…

The installer documentation is available here

On page 41 you will find the following:

4 Software AG provides license files for several products; the installer requires them during installation. Copy the license files to the machine.

If you don’t have the license (key) file(s) contact your friendly Software AG account representative to make it available to you :wink:

Thanks. We did contact our friendly Software AG account manager, who asked us to get it from the empower website, which lead us to here.

Anyway, after we got the left and right hand talking to each other, they sent an email request to someone called “Keymaster” who finally sent us the file!

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