Distributing X-Tools, SDK, etc.

How are we supposed to distribute Tamino developer tools for version 8.0? For previous versions I’d give them the Windows install CD and tell them not to provide a license file, and the installer would only install the developer pieces. I tried doing this with the webMethods 8.0 installer, but it insisted I supply a path for a license file. I pointed it to a random file, and then it went ahead and installed everything: SMH, the directory server, and the full Tamino server code.

How have other people handled distributing these things?

I made a support request for this a month ago.
The answer is that is has not been implented in the new wM-installer yet, it should be ready for the December release!
In the meantime you can get some advice from support.

Thanks. I wouldn’t have thought it would be so hard for them to get this before the initial release.