Installer 7.1 cannot install using a script

The new version of Installer (since Installer7.0 actually) will not allow for installation from a script in a Windows environment.

This functionality has always been a part of the windows based installer, and is even documented in the install guide, and I imagine many of us use it extensively.

I’ve opened a defect with SoftwareAG/webMethods on this, but it seems they are not looking to resolve this.

If you feel this will impact you, please contact the vendor so they will adress it.

Hi Randy,
Yes thats correct, new versions of the installers(7.x onwards) on windows based environment do not support installing from the script or as a matter of fact will not take any command line options however if u want to pass command line options to the installer then rather than using the exe file run the installer using the jar file.
I have used that and it works like a charm.


I’m curious where you are getting your information. Are you with S-AG/wM, and if so, what role?

I should mention that I’ve had several conversations with the vendor on this issue. The Installer 7.1 document also mentions these capabilities.
p. 45 of the ‘webMethods_Installation_Guide_7_1.pdf’

The issue with using the .jar file is that I cannot guarantee that Java 1.5 is installed on my user’s laptops. The installer installs Java 1.5, so post install everything is fine.

The vendor recognizes this functionality loss is an issue to converting to the skaro installer, but is not willing to fix it.

My post was to solicit other users to speak up if this will impact them.


You can run a script using the Advanced Options button on the first panel.

Click the Scripts tab.

Click Use installation script.

Click Install from script

Under “Install from script” enter your script file name.

Click Ok.

Click Yes.

Click Next.

The installer will continue without user input.


You can just couple a JVM with your installation files and run installer on the JVM using a separate batch file which call the 1.5 JVM with the installer jar. Just take the folder of a JVM installed on any Windows machine and distribute it with you installation files. As webMethods uses it’s own JVM afterwards you can delete the jvm used for setup after the installation.


jreDir\bin\java -jar webMethodsInstaller71.jar -console -readScript scriptfile

works fine on windows.



That is the approach we ended up using.

Hello all,

For the 8.0 GA release … The installer client has been improved to allow running a script even with the EXE, so having a java JRE is not necessary. In older versions of the installer, a custom self-extractor was used which was slow and didn’t show the progress to users, so there was a switch to a commercial product (zipfusion) to improve the experience. But it doesn’t let you pass in command line parameters like the old method. Starting with 8.0, you can set an environment variable, ZFUSION_INSTALL_ARGS to pass in arguments, such as -readScript , and then use the EXE to run the install, which will then proceed to run in scripted mode.

Yes thats true, but the best option for me is always use the .JAR installer. It works on unixes but also for Windows, and this one you can use arguments.

yet requires you have a Java jre installed in order to run it.

Choose your best option :smiley:

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