Installed UM Server and Send/receive working

We have installed the trial version, and run the UM Server.
We have created 2 classes (Sender / Receiver) that send and receive messages.

Do we need to send XML files, any example to handle files?

@sua Col,

if you are using wM Integration and flow service. Below are the overview of required task.

  1. JMS / Native connection to your UM
  2. JNDI to list the topic/Queue where you need to publsih/deliver you message.
  3. You have list of the In built services to create ,process and publishmessage to UM using pub.publish:publish or pub.jms:send ( In wM public packages )

if you are using any other language you need to perform the above to connect your UM and start sending the message

Refer the service development document.

Sorry we are new to this topic.
We have installed SoftwareAG, started Realm Server and UM Enterprise.

Later since Eclipse we have used two kinds of example send and receive.

thanks friend.
We use Eclipse develop 2 class sender/receiver and connect to our remote UM server rrigth?

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