Installation Adabas D Personal Edition (15.01) on Windows XP

Hi All,

I have downloaded and installed Adabas D Personal Edition (15.01) on my Windows XP (SP3) Home.

I have two problems when tried to setup/instal SERVERDB on my computer. First, I could not instal/load the system tables. I had an error of TERMCHAR SET is invalid. I do not know how to resolve this issue, your help is greatly appreciated.
Second, I could not setup/load the Demo data/files. when I am trying to set up Demo files, system asking me for Userkey and I do not know what the user key is. Consequently Natural is not able to access the database.
I would like to mention here that this version does not have DBA Workbench but my SERVERDB is running as I have green tabs on MYDB, MYDBU and SERVERDB. I think I am missing proper steps in accessing the database. Again thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Lakhmi Kajla