Install/Uninstall NaturalOne 8.2.5

With NatOne 8.2.4 already installed on Windows 7 64 bit, I decided passing to NatOne 8.2.5. unloading image and doing installation from it. After installation of 8.2.5 I realized missing an option and decided Uninstall 8.2.5 and install it again. But after this 2nd installation I didn’t find Natural perpective and view into eclipse. I tried uninstall and reinstall NatOne 8.2.5 many times but result didn’t change. Is there some hidden file not cleaned with uninstall process preventing a good installation?
Best regards.

Eclipse is a self-contained environment, so if something is left over it must be Eclipse itself,
and Eclipse isn’t very good in tracking installed plugins …

I haven’t tried a NaturalONE uninstall myself, but check, after the uninstall process, if the
NaturalONE directory is really gone, and if it isn’t - delete it, then reinstall.

Thank you very much.