Inserting NULL into SQL database


This may have a simple response, so I thought I’d put the question out there.

I’m trying to create a flow that will write to a SQL database using a stored procedure. Some fields are optional, and when they are I’d like to insert a NULL into the missing field(s). When running the stored procedure and using ‘NULL’ as the input parameters, things work fine. But when I try running ‘call’ from webMethods, and pass nothing into the stored procedure when I don’t have the field, i get the error message:

java.sql.SQLException:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Optional feature not implemented

I’ve setup null defaults in my database, and set all fields of my $data input of the ‘call’ flow to optional.

Any help would be appreciated.


Why don’t you supply a « dummy » value to wM IS (say blank) and write a db trigger (before insert) and catch that dummy value (at trigger time) and supply the NULL value ?

Just my 2 cents



Normally if you dont pass input params while running SP from webmethods (JDBC Adapter)for those optional fields in the DB and make it null defaults,here i tested the my existing call Oracle SP,its running fine.

I believe you are mapping the input param of that JDBC Adapter call SP,then if you check the pipe you should see the input variable “null”.
Then i think you wont see the error.

Also check the SQL Driver whether it might be causing the problem which is configured in the JDBC Adapter settings.

Just my thoughts,