Inserting Multiple records for one header

It seems you are not appending the records to our output record.Thats why you are always getting the last record.You can loop thru the records in your LineItems.To do this you can have an out array specified in the Loop properties and add the records to it.Other way is to just specify an input array and then use appendToRecordList service.You can map the records from input array in loop to a Temp Record and then do a appendToRecordList.Remember to drop the temp record.Hope this helps.

Puneet Verma

Priyatam is trying to insert all the detail records(16) from flatfile to DB,so i have cleared him to correct his loop step structure and insert the records for all the line iterations along with the header info.


Ram bhai,

Thank you very much for your help!!! You are too good buddy.



You are Absolutly right. I have done the same way you have mentioned. It works fine now. This is one of the best forums I have seen.
Keep it up guys!!!