Problem with multiple inserts using insertsql template

Anyidea on how to insert multiple records into a database table from a flat file.
Actually Iam generating a documentlist within a triggered document reading from a flat file.

When i try to insert the documentlist using InsertSQL template of jdbc adapter,only one record is getting inserted and remaining records are not getting inserted.

Thanks in advance

Hi Prasad V,

I know this is an old post - I have the similar problem - but instead of inserting records from a flat file - I am inserting from a SAP table into a local wM database - only the first record is being updated.

Can you please help…

Thank you very much.


You can use either batchInsert jdbc template or insertSQL and make sure your source document loop logic is correct…Do you see any errors in the logs? What is transaction Local or No transaction being used?


Dear Rmg,

Thanks for the reply, I am getting the data through from SAP so my connection is all setup correctly. I’ve just been experiencing problems with the looping - because my input array of my loop was incorrect - changed it and I’m now getting all the records of the SAP PO_HEADER into my local database. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe how quick it took to download over 8000 records from our SAP DB to wM DB.

Thanks for your help…


Glad to hear you got it resolved: