Inserting a null date to Timestamp in SQL Server

Hi, experts! Did anyone successfully insert NULL date to a Timestamp field in SQL Server DB? I can insert non-null values OK, but always get an error when inserting NULL.

I guess I can choose NOT to insert when value is null, but is there any better solutions, please???

Hi Jin - Yes, we have done this. Have you checked to make sure that the date field allows NULL.

Rajesh, thanks for the post. The date field does allows NULL.

If I run the INSERT Adapter Service only, and leave the date field blank, the insert will be successful. However, if I run this AS inside another flow service, and map/pass in an empty string or a NULL to date field, the insert will fail.

There is a workaround, not to insert date field (instead of inserting a NULL), which seems to be working.


Do a Branch Step on the date mapping and see if the data is null then dont map and default map it.This way condition satisfies.