Insert Xml data into Xml database which has mapping with SQL

Hi all,
I am facing problem with inserting xml file into xml database. In the schema i have defined the fields which are mapped with the SQL database.

If i am inserting a xml file through Interactive interface, it is inserting, but if i am inserting using Java Program then it is giving problem,

can anyone help me regarding this.
thanks and regards,

If you are using the Tamino Java API to insert the document then you can find out what the error is. So if you do:


TaminoResult tr=process(elem, col, doctype);
System.out.println (tr.getReturnValue()+" "+tr.getMsgText()) ;

The other thing to do is to set the trace on the TaminoClient calls with the method setTrace(boolean) of the TaminoClient class. This may provide clues.