Insert/Update and Delete in Adabas Files

Hi All,

Here are my questions please show me a way to achieve the same.

  1. Can we detect changes (inserts and updates) of records in ADABAS tables? If yes, what are the possible options to detect the same.

  2. If we can detect changes to the records, can we:-
    1. detect which records got changed (updated and inserted)
    2. detect what changed in the records (what field got updated)

  3. When in the transaction cycle does this change-detect mechanism work.


What are you trying to achieve ?

Do you require “real time” tracking ?

If not then check the protection log (PLOG) which tracks the modifications (mainly for recovery purposes).

Search these forums for “change data capture” or search the Internet for third-party CDC products for Adabas (I know of two).

Adabas Triggers (SPATS) might help.

I think you can’t check it.

Try System Fields for inserts and updates.