Insert into DB

hi all,

I have a seniaro like this i have created my profile and a patner profile and submitted it to tn then my patner recognised it by the processing rules we have but i am not able to insert the order to my db from my patner and send the responce that is what my patner has requested me. please help me in this…

Did you tried to convert the bizdoc??

Where exactly you could not do that…


Can you elaborate more on your issue… what TN setup you have currently in place for this TP?


convert content part properly from the biz doc and map to the pipeline-in signature for the insert adapter service.

I think that mistake might have been done by him…
Not mapping the Content to the bytes in bytes to string, as it should work.

ok thanks for your replys… the mapping was done wrong by me that is i didnt map the bizdoc content to my xml

Here you go…:slight_smile: