Input data in GigaBytes


we are trying to implement webservice which will bring in data with attachments which can go to Gigabytes.

Right now we are going to get the attachments (picture imagination if u are wondering what the data would be) in base64Binary format.

Can you please throw some idea how to handle this huge file other than going for Active transfer, or Xml node iterate. I know this is a huge impact on performance with Megabytes itself, not sure how webMethods is going to take care Giga bytes. But I don’t want to accept that webMethods is not good for this implementation.

Much appreciate a quick response!


Current versions (7.x and 8.x) of IS support the Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) standard which streams attachments to soap messages.

You won’t be able to load a multi-gigabyte file into memory in any java-based app server or Integration Server without running out of memory. This will be the case even if running on a 64-bit OS with lots of memory.

Search the IS Web Services documentation for MTOM.


Thanks Mark