INOSXE7144: Server extension function 'string-length' not fo


I try to execute this query


on a tamino 4.2 server and the server respond this:

INOSXE7144: Server extension function 'string-length' not found

Is there an extension to install manually for this function to work properly?



please use XQuery (not X-Query), then you have the string-length function

I know that i can use XQuery, but string-length is define for xpath and i would like to know if it is possible to use it with X-Query



From Tamino’s documentation, the only “String XPATH function” implemented in X-Query is starts-with().

So it looks like you will have to use XQuery to get string length.

You could create Tamino Server Extension (called from X-Query) to do the job. The code might be written in Java. But, IMHO, XQuery is the best option.


Hi Nathaire,

no, the string-length() function should work without further trouble in 4.2.
I don’t know why you get such a strange error. Perhaps you should
make sure it is the built-in function you refer to and use a prefix, i.e.:

declare namespace xq = “

I do not know any details about your environment, but the path in brackets,
i.e. programs/program/period/schedule/hours/@startHour looks strange to
me. A path should start with a call to the input() or collection() function, or
with a variable ?


Sorry, I am talking about XQuery, if you have to use X-Query
this is irrelevant to you.