InoReplaceChild and IIS Security


I’m having problems trying to make InoReplaceChild using a Tamino installed on an IIS with security proctection enabled.

My piece of code makes the job ok when the IIS access is anonymous, but when I try to make it using the user privileges, it fails.

My tests are done in a Tamino with a DB named “Machines”.
This database has XML files like this:

Then I’ve created two groups, one of them with the same name as the Database, and another named “AccessOK”.
I’ve created two ACL, each one for each group.

In the “MachinesACL” I’ve added a line with node “Machine” = no.
In the “AccessOKACL” I’ve added a line with node “Machine” = full.

Now if I try to read all the Machine with an anonymous user, I’ve got 0 registers.
If I try to read them with a user from group “AccessOK”, I get all of them.

So the ACL are doing their job.

But when I try to modify the “ip” tag of a register, I get the error number 8814. Debugging my application I’ve seen that the GetErrorStatus returns: “HAAXJE8400 HTTP Error 401 Access denied”

When my IIS is configured with anonymous access, the code works fine, I only get this error when I do it with authentication enabled.

Thanks in advance!

P.D:Sorry for my english

Did you set the user name and password in the ActiveX control (csUserName and csPassword) ?

Yes I did.

Is the Tamino DB on the same machine as the test code? The reason I ask is that if it is on a different machine you may have to supply the domain in the username:

tamx.csUsername = "domain\username"
tamx.csPassword = “password”