InoAppendChild, InoRemoveChild, ...

Now, that I’m able to add, delete and change whole documents in Tamino, I tried to add, change and delete child nodes by using the InoAppendChild, InoRemoveChild and InoReplaceChild methods of the ActiveX Component.

But none of the methods work. And yes, I’ve installed IIS 5, and yes, I’ve installed the nodelevelupdate filter on IIS, and yes, I’ve installed several versions of MSXML-DOM, and yes, I’ve done a reboot after installing all that stuff.

But it won’t work…have I really load, change and update the whole document for manipulating a single, tiny child node?

Peter :confused:

There were some problems with nodelevelupdate.dll that have been fixed. It is likely this fix is available as a “hotfix”. I would recommend that you contact your local Software AG support to see if indeed there is a fix available that can be e-mailed to you.

Peter -

Is it possible for you to post an example of how you updated an entire document? I’m creating a prototype to update documents in Tamino. I would like to update an entire document and also a node. I havent had luck with either of them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Syed,

I posted example source code in the NodeLevelUpdate FAQ thread that may be of some help to you.