Info about webMethods Adapter 10.3 for JDBC

Hello, I would like to know if:
webMethods Adapter 10.3 for JDBC is the latest version available;
If this version 10.3 is still supported;
If webMethods IS 10.7 supports version 10.3 of the JDBC adapter.
thank you very much

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The latest version for the JDBC adapter is 10.3 and yes it is fully supported. Adapter are only update as required and hence don’t follow the same versioning as the product.

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Thanks much John,
only a question, what is the EOM of the product JDBC adapter 10.3 for windows server 2016? Is it 2027-10-31, as in the table of the product? (
In the table EOM is not present…the only reference is on the OS retirement date.

The reason is because we will only update this package as of when it is required i.e. new JDBC features or OS requirements. Hence the limit on support is dictated in this case by the OS, i.e. you will have to upgrade your Windows environment before you have to update the adapter.


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