Increasing number of TriggerStoredata files

I have here an IS 6.0.1 in Hp Ux 11.11. The number of TriggerStoredata files (in folder DocumentStore) are always growing. When the number reaches 20 or 25 files the restart takes a long time and the IS starts with a high (allocated) memory.

When we remove these files the restart is very fast and the memory allocation drops.

I have few triggers and in the broker there isnt any queue.( I mean no documents waiting for delivery)

What is happening ? Why the files are multiplying since i have no documents waiting for delivery ?

thanks in advance

  • Alexandre Hori.

Hi Alexander,
I am having same problem on my environment. I have same configuration running HP-UX 11.11 and IS 6.0.1.

Did you got any idea ? how to resolve this problem.

We are out of Ideas now what to check.


Are you guys using SP3?