Include HTML control issue

When i try to use the “Include HTML” control to display some html output in my view, I am not able to see the images that are referenced in the html file. I only see the red cross mark in place of the image.

I tried changing the relative/absolute path of the image in the html but nothing seem to work. Both my html and the image file are in “WebContent/WEB-INF” folder.

Include HTML - Value : “/WEB-INF/sample.html”

In sample.html I have,

Apache Apache

both doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be appreciated.

The default path to the image will be: /webapp-name/path-to-image/image.jpg

The root to “path-to-image” is the WebContent folder.

So if the image is in /mytestportlet/WebContent/images/myimage.jpg

in the HTML include file, use IMC SRC=/mytestportlet/images/myimage.jpg

Also, WEB-INF is a reserved directory (for configuration files, jar files etc.). It’s content is not publicly accessible.