An Image Displaying in Browser Using XQuery?


I’m trying to get an image to display in a web browser using XSLT / XQuery.

I can’t even get the image to show in the browser with just a simple XQuery URL. I only get the XML text. Here’s the URL I typed in:

http://hsicomp01/tamino/idd_db/idd_collection?_xquery= {?serialization method=“xml” media-type=“image/png”?} for $q in input()/tamino-external where tf:getInoId($q) = 35 return $q

I also tried http://hsicomp01/tamino/idd_db/idd_collection/tamino-external/@35 and still just got xml text

How can I get an image to show as an image and not XML tag text?

Thank You!

you must set the content type (MIME type) correctly. See documentation on serialization in the Tamino documentation