Incident Management Portal go live announcement

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that our current system for you to report your Software AG Support Incidents will be replaced on 01-Nov-2021.

The Support Incident management process will be revamped to a new, more sophisticated web-based system, enabling a more refined Support Incident creation and maintenance process from beginning to closure. This new system will be based on Jira Service Management (JSM) and Dracoon (see new Subprocessor notice below) and has been customized to best fit our customers’ requirements. This rollout is step one of an ongoing modernization program for our applications that we hope will significantly enhance your user experience in the future.

These new tools will be accessible via the Incident Management Portal links inside the Empower Portal.

Your Active Support Incidents will be migrated to the new system and will get new Support Incident numbers, which will be shared with your relevant Authorized Technical Contact(s). Additionally, your historical data will be migrated as well – each of your closed Support Incidents in the last ten years will be available to you within the Incident Management Portal.

We have created instructions to help you submit and update a Support Incident, as well as how to find Support Incidents belonging to your organization. You can find these under the #new-product-support-portal tag within our Tech Community. We have also prepared some Frequently Asked Questions related to the new system deployment. This FAQ can be accessed from within the Tech Community as well at New Software AG Support Portal - Frequently asked questions.

As a licensee of products of Software AG, in order to provide Maintenance and Support Services (“Services”) to your company (the ‘Customer’), Software AG (the ’Supplier’) may process Customer Data, which may include personal data as defined in Article 4 General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). As described in the relevant Service Agreement and corresponding Data Processing Agreement (if any), the Supplier herewith informs the Customer about the engagement of the following new Subprocessor:

Dracoon GmbH
Galgenbergstraße 2a
93053 Regensburg

Engagement of this new Subprocessor has no effect on the provision of Services by the Supplier, nor to the engagement of any existing Subprocessor. To be informed about any future changes of Subprocessors, please subscribe here: Subscription service for TOMs updates.

Please feel free to reach out to or call us in case of any questions or concerns via our Support Directory.

Software AG Global Support

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