New Software AG Incident Management Portal - Frequently asked questions

What will happen with all my opened Support Incidents?

Your open Support Incidents will be migrated to our new Incident Management Portal.

What will happen with all my closed Support Incidents?

Your closed Support Incidents from the past 10 years will be migrated to our new Incident Management Portal.

Can I open a Support Incident by mailing to

No. Incidents must be created online via the Incident Management Portal. Once created, they can be updated via email.

How can I search the Knowledge Base?

  • Search for Early Warnings / Critical Alerts and Fixes via the Empower search.
  • Search for KB Articles and your Support Incidents from the Incident Management Portal.

How can I open a new Support Incident?

Creating a Support Incident

How can I update a Support Incident?

Updating a Support Incident

How can I search for tickets from my organization?

Search Support Incidents belonging to your organization

How can I search the knowledge base Articles?

Searching Knowledge Base Articles

How can I access the Incident Management Portal?

Authorized Technical Contacts (ATCs) and Support Authorizers will be able to access to the new Incident Management Portal via Empower.

Is the new tooling GDPR compliant?

Yes. For each application (JSM, Dracoon, and Confluence) there is a Data Processing Agreement in place.

How will I receive credentials for the new Incident Management Portal?

If you are an ADAMOS Partner and you have, previously, opened a Support Case your credentials should have been provided during the go live. If you are not an ADAMOS Partner and you have previously created any Support case using Empower, your credentials to access Empower have not changed and you can use those to login to the Incident Management Portal via Empower or the direct link.

If your case is not any of the previous, please refer to the next question.

How can I register for the Incident Management Portal?

You can create a new user account by completing the registration form via

Be sure to request Incident Management Portal access in the Desired Access Level field.

Can I create or update Support Incidents from Empower?


How to search for information in Empower that includes Support Incidents?

You can search for your Incidents from within the Incident Management Portal.

Can I subscribe to Alerts for new / updated KB Articles?

No. We alert you to knew KB articles for your products in the Incident Management Portal.

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