InboundProcess failing with Idocs BC 47

In 4.6 we use XLST to turn an XML invoice into an Idoc and then use the HTTP service to call INBOUND SERVICE which puts the Idoc into SAP.
It all works fine.

Since upgrading to 4.7 (SR3) it fails giving a metadata error.

If I get our 4.7 to call the Inbound service on 4.6 instead of on itself it all works fine.

This implies that InboundProcess is the problem. But I have switched the jave node file on 4,6 into 4.7 and the problem remains.

Does anyone have any pointers?


UPDATE - The problem is related to the Idoc structure, not InboundProcess. Any other method used to pass the Idoc into SAP gets the same message

  • “The structure of the INVOIC02 IDoc does not fit to the metadata.”

So it looks like 4.7 not passing the Idoc structure correctly.
Although why this should work when 4.6 runs InboundProcess after 4.7 does the Idoc build is beyond me.