In JMS Messaging configured to use dedicated listener how IS determines responses destination

I came across this doubt - related to JMS Messaging using dedicated listener, that I wanted some clarification on.

Per my understanding - in JMS messaging (using sendAndWait) when we configured it to use dedicated listener besides other config at JMS Connection alias (temp queue, enable request/ response listener for temporary) - it requires not to define the property “destinationNameReplyTo” which makes sense.

Also, in such case of communication - I believe, the IS set wm_tag property in the request message - which when invoking pub.jms.reply gets automatically set to the JMSCorrelationID in response message - defining the dedicated listener. However, at this step - how does the IS determines the value for JMSReplyTo - which determines the Destination/ messageConsumer on messaging provider to send back the response to? Is this taken care - when wm_tag is set to JMSCorrelationID or is it something else.

Can someone help out - how this functions in this particular situation ?

Bump - Team/ UM - JMS Champs anyone, anyhelp with above query

Bump again - If anyone can elaborate/ update on above query that I have posted.

When using a dedicated listener to receive JMS reply messages, the JMSReplyTo is the temporary queue created specifically for your connection/connection alias. For more details, please see the How to Send a Request that Uses a Dedicated Listener to Retrieve Replies section of the Using_Integration_Server_To_Build_A_Client_For_Jms User Guide.

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Hi Derek,

Thanks and that totally makes sense now. I was actually going through that PDF only - when that doubt came to my mind.
The thing is - the section you mentioned as below - “Dedicated Listener to Retrieve Replies” doesn’t explicitly calls out - that on JMS trigger level how will the response be sent back to message originator i.e. on what Destiantion/ Message consumer hence I though to clarify here. Thanks for your update.